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Along with being an authorized LifeLoc distributor, we’re also providers of FDA approved on-site rapid drug testing devices and all the accessories you’ll need to collect specimens easily while following compliance guidelines.

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SafetySense offers a wide range of services to ensure that your instruments are operating correctly and providing maximum performance at all times.

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Training Programs

Safety Sense provides comprehensive training programs throughout Ohio and nationwide. Our experienced Certified Master Trainer can come on-site to your company, saving you hundreds of dollars in travel expenses for your employees.

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Featured Products

Pheonix 6.0 Bluetooth

Phoenix 6.0 Bluetooth

  1. Breath Alcohol Detector with wireless print-out capabilities from the Lifeloc PermAffix labeling system.
  2. Pocket sized, yet the most sophisticated technology and easiest to operate.
  3. Test results and calibrations in seconds.
  4. Easy Mode software walks the tester through DOT protocol when donor tests positive.
  5. On-board memory stores tests that you can recall.
  6. Capable of direct and passive testing modes.
  7. DOT and NHTSA approved with modern digital design.
  8. EasyMode software foƒr DOT testing protocol.
  9. PermAffix Labeling System for convenient, wireless printing.
  10. Automatic Altitude Compensation.
  11. Bright graphic display for easy-to-read results.
  12. Software driven automatic features for error free testing.

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Lifeloc FC20

LifeLoc Technologies – FC20

Lifeloc’s top of the line professional breath alcohol testing device, the FC20, is the most advanced and feature rich on the market. Our premium tester includes automatic, manual and passive testing, standard 500 test memory, printing capability, and full computer interface with keyboard options.

The Lifeloc FC20 operating system is built for user flexibility. It allows full agency and departmental customization of important security functions and testing protocols. Lifeloc “Sequence” software ensures each step of the testing process can be tailored to your specific test protocol.

The optional keyboard allows for easy data entry of operator and subject designated information such as location or subject ID. Printing options include Thermal, Impact, or direct printing from your PC using Lifeloc’s DataTrak® software.

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EV 30 GK Kit

Lifeloc EV30 GK Kit

The EV30 is an economical, entry level alternative to the Phoenix 6.0. The EV30 offers automatic operation, electronic calibration and patented digital fuel cell technology.

Designed For Wordplace Testing

Reliable & accurate, powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, the EV30 can operate for up to 160 hours on one set of batteries with the battery status display always visible. US DOT approved and listed on the Conforming Products List (CPL) as an evidential breath-testing instrument, the EV30 bolsters the Lifeloc tradition for accuracy and the highest quality.

  1. Easy to Use Menu Driven Functions
  2. Immediate Response Time on Negative Tests, Under 10 Seconds on Positive Tests
  3. Large Graphic LCD Display with Battery Status Indicator
  4. Patented Analytical Software
  5. 250 Test Memory
  6. Auto Air Blank
  7. Intuitive Calibration System
  8. Professional Fuel-Cell Technology
  9. Real Time Clock
  10. Calibration Reminder with Lockout (Programmable)
  11. Bright graphic display for easy-to-read results.
  12. Software driven automatic features for error free testing.

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FC5 Hornet

The FC5 Hornet is a new generation of alcohol screener for use in zero tolerance environments such as schools, traffic police, probation, jails,mining and related safety sensitive industries.

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  1. Pos/Neg Mode for rapid high volume screening
  2. Automatically triggers test when subject blows towards the collector cone
  3. Operator receives instant visual + POS or NEG – message
  4. Zero/Low/High Mode for more precise sampling
  5. Auto sampling with manual override for uncooperative subject
  6. Easy to read day/night display
  7. Open Container Mode tests open drink containers
  8. Samples air-space over open drink containers or spills
  9. Double pump action ensures sufficient test sample even from small neck bottles
  10. One button sample triggering allows for precise positioning over container
  11. Compact, easy to carry, conceal and use. Yellow grip can be easily removed for covert use
  12. Audible tone signals on/off, ready to test and mode changes

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